Your Trusted 1031 Exchange Partner

Securitas (sēcūritās); Latin; safety, security.    Roman goddess of security and stability.

Securitas1031 has been a trusted Qualified Intermediary (QI) providing 1031 Exchanges since 2009. We help our clients complete hundreds of 1031 Exchanges each year.  Our focus is always on providing our customers with the most efficient and secure exchanges possible. 

We are always happy to answer your 1031 Exchange questions, call us or send a message today.

Ways to benefit from a 1031 Exchange

⚬  Improve investment performance

⚬  Change property types

⚬  Switch from active to passive         


⚬  Consolidate (many properties into few)

⚬  Diversify (few properties into many)

⚬  Life transition, estate planning 

⚬  Relocate

⚬  Change tenants

⚬  Change management

⚬  Defer maintenance

“Jim was extremely helpful in helping me complete two different exchanges last year. I did a third exchange last year, that was through a different company, and it was an absolute nightmare. Jim was helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive throughout the transaction. I highly recommend his exchange services.”
-Jeffrey R.
1031 Exchanges can become complex and there are strict compliance requirements set up by the IRS. Make sure to choose a trusted and reliable company to guide you through the 1031 Exchange process. Planning your exchange in advance is ultimately the best strategy. We are always happy to answer any of your 1031 Exchange questions, regardless if you are planning for the future or set to close on a property. It's also important to consult with your Tax Accountant and Attorney when considering a 1031.