Improving  your  investments performance is one of many reasons to utilize a 1031 Exchange.

Exchange Services

"In finding an agent for a 1031, I was referred to another company.  I called and no answer - not once but many times in a span of three days.  They finally called me back and they had to leave a message again - I called with no reply.

I had a meeting with my banker and asked her who she would recommend and she gave me Jim Carney's phone number.  I made a phone call to Mr. Carney and he answered right away.   From then on, Mr. Carney would answer or call back in less than five minutes each time I called.  He even answered the phone when he was on vacation.

I feel immediate communication is very important when purchasing a piece of property.  I sincerely appreciate Jim Carney's work ethic and dealing with the title company."


 J. Perkins

Securitas1031 is committed to making your 1031 Exchange process as simple and secure as possible,  We aim to find the best options for your 1031 Exchanges, and to ensure that the process is efficient, clear, compliant, and secure.




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Types of 1031 Exchanges

•  Deferred (aka Delayed)

•  Simultaneous

•  Construction (aka To-Be-Built)

•  Reverse

•  Combination

•  Reverse Construction

•  Partial

•  Non-Safe Harbor Reverse

•  Parking Exchange

•  Related Party/Series Exchange

Tax Saving

Capital Gain Tax, due on “sale”, may be deferred when investment property is “exchanged.” Section 1031 permits a  Taxpayer to dispose of investment or income producing property and acquire like-kind property and defer the tax on sale. This treatment has been available since 1921.